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“Hello, hope you are alright and doing well. I watched VOA last night and I was so pleased to see you who cares about Shahnameh and great stories of Shahnameh. We are so thankful. You did great.”
Susan D

“Dear Friends, I saw your program in VOA and fascinated by your product. Is there anyone in Tehran which can deliver the books to me?”
Mehdi S

“Hi, I just bought a package of the “Rostam Comic” 1, 2, 3  & 4 and will distribute them to some of my friends. You guys do a fantastic job. Never give up. Hope to read many many new issues of the comic in the future. As a father I can tell you: we need this kind of work so desperately. Shad-o sarboland bashid”
Bob G

“Thanx guys, I can’t wait to give them to my two sons and their friends! This is a great thing you’re doing!”
Mary Z

“….as a small boy growing up in Iran, I used to be fascinated with the story of Rostam & Sohram like all kids…. and now after 34 years being out of Iran, my son is almost 10, so it’s a nice way of getting him exposed to these heroic characters, as Persian is an issue with most kids living outside Iran (unfortunately)”.
Hossein H

“I just got the finished book and it looks amazing!!! The Deevs look fantastic and the front cover is stunning. Vaghan damet gharm. Thanks so much for sending me out this copy.”
Bejan D

“Congratulations for your wonderful initiative. My husband used to read the Shahnameh to me at night. Unfortunately, I kept falling asleep until he gave up on me! Now I have another chance to catch up with the lovely Shahnameh again.”
Elizabeth P

“I think it is great!! Having it made into a comic is an awesome idea. Please keep it up.”
George M

“This book is not for me, for I am grateful to know Persian and enjoy the epics of Shahnameh in the beautiful language of Ferdowsi. I respect his outstanding work so much that sometimes I allude to some of his poetry here at University of Chicago during my humanities course. Anyways, I am purchasing these for my four year old cousin who is born here but I want to keep him intimate to his identity. It is through your great work that I can get him interested in Rostam, rather than Batman or Superman, etc. So, many thanks to your sincere effort and I wish you a great year ahead.”
Mohammad K

“I’m so glad that someone finally started this. If we don’t tell the story how do we expect world to know it?
I am a 32 year old female attorney and I have not read a comic book since Tintin. I cannot wait to read the Shahnameh comic book. What a brilliant idea!”
Aryana H

“I have to congratulate you for your great and highly valuable effort,”
David G

My children and I are impatiently awaiting your next comic book in the Rostam series. Is that in the works? I have even purchased extra copies of your books to encourage you. Please let me know whether you have begun working on another or if you need sales of your current books to increase before you can commence work on more…
Maryam P

“My name is Sohrab and I am writing from Dubai. I just received the Rostam comic through the mail and have to say I was really impressed. As an avid comic reader, (love everything from Marvel, DC, Darkhorse, to the old King Features stuff) and someone with an Iranian background, I was pleased with the final product. Rostam was both well written and well drawn, and the package as a whole was very professional.”
Sohrab B

“I just want to let you know how impressed I was by the Rostam comics that I ordered. You have done a great job. I was particularly impressed by the writing. Re-telling an ancient Persian legend in modern English comics book style is no easy task but you have succeeded artfully! The Shahnameh comics project has been long overdue. I hope the comic ends up becoming a successful series with a broad audience.”
Fred R

“I found out through my brother who lives in Iran that you have come up with the wonderful idea of writing the stories of the Shahnameh in the form of illustrated comic books. He read about it in an Iranian newspaper and sent me a copy. I want to congratulate you for your initiative and wish you success in continuing with it.”
Cyrus M

“I wanted to say thanks for the beautiful job on the Rostam issue. I just received it in the mail and was amazed!! I ordered it for my son so that he can enjoy this magnificent story which I enjoyed myself growing up in Iran.”
Karim N

“I loved the idea of comic books from Shanameh, and I hope its being accepted by the market. As an admirer of Shahnameh, I always regretted the lack of knowledge of the western world from the rich Persian Mythology, specially for young readers.”
Mehran T

“I’m a French citizen, originally from Iran, settled in Paris since 25 years I would like you to consider translating “Rostam tales from the Shahnameh” in French and distributing it in French speaking countries. I’m convinced French people, including young population will love it. (I have even 2 teenagers at home).”
Faramarz S

From my 5-year old son, thanks so much for Rostam. In fact, since we’re reading the one we bought and kind of using it up, I’m ordering another to keep in the plastic bag. Imagine what a “first Rostam” comic would be worth in 2 years (a la “first SUperman” 😉 My son’s favourite is “Voy Naneh!” Keep up the good work.
Cameron F

“What a great idea! The comic book format sounds like a perfect format to get our culturally confused/challenged kids to pay a bit of attention to their heritage. I love the artwork. My boy loves comic format, and I look forward to reading it myself. I confess that I have not yet read the Shahnameh, but from what my wife told me it sounds like something every boy should read.”
Mat K

“Congratulations to you for the genius in you! Creating a comic book version of the story of Rostam and Sohrab is very original indeed, and I am sure it will be welcomed by Iranians in every age group. Wishing you continuous success and happiness.”
Ali E

“I am very happy to see your work on Shahnameh. It’s been one of my dream to one day see the Shahnameh animated. Let me say that you have done a wonderful job with the characters and the imagery. Just looking at it, I can hardly think of a better way to depict the “Persian Knighthood”, or Pahlavani aura any better.”
Jasmin O

“WOW – I was so taken by your Rostam venture!! GOOD JOB and CONGRATS!! This is everybody’s dream! Especially mine. I have been reading the Shahnameh so I could translate it for a children’s story but your comic books really take the cake. I have to hand you a big trophy and tell you how proud and happy I am for this.”
Kimia A

“Congratulations and well done for the comic book “Rostam”! This is a dream come true. I’ve always been thinking about the idea of comic books, cartoons, TV series, movies, theme parks, … based on the characters and stories of Shahnameh. Maybe it takes time to make the Americans excited about Shahnameh and its fabulous stories, but imagine sometime in the future of Iran we have theme parks built around the ideas and characters of Shahnameh, or cartoons running on Iranian TV stations on the adventures of Rostam. Our ancient culture and mythology is so rich and yet an untapped resource. I’m sure what you’ve done is a good start for introducing it to the people of the world, and I hope that it makes the younger Iranians around the world interested in discovering their roots.”
Masheed T

“I love the idea of making a comic book version of the Shahnameh. Its brilliant! Simply brilliant! ” was searching the web for Shahnameh. My Dad’s 70th Birthday is coming up… and I had heard about a new beautifully illustrated edition that might just be the right gift for a Persian Dad… and I found you and your Rostam! What a brilliant idea!”
Arman K


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