Welcome to “Rostam: Tales of the Shahnameh!”

This is an adaptation of the Shahnameh or “Book of Kings” by the famous Persian poet, Ferdowsi.

Our first series of comic books focuses on the main hero, Rostam a giant of a man, a very powerful fighter, and his many fantastic adventures. Throughout, Rostam shows his strength and skill as a warrior, but also his integrity and loyalty to his country, as he protects and defends it from not only foreign invading armies, but also the constant conniving and betrayals of characters such as lord Afrasiab and an under worldly demon, by the name of “White Deev” (Deev-e Sefeed). These unsavory characters continually plot against Rostam, and Kai-Kavous (The King), so that they might take over and rule the Empire. However, in spite of a King who at times appears less than grateful, and often even incompetent to rule, Rostam always honorably defends his King and Country.

Rostam: Tales From the Shahnameh Book 1

Our First story, “Rostam: Tales of the Shahnameh”introduces us to the story of Rostam & Sohrab – the most famous of all Shahnameh stories. It starts with Rostam meeting Princess Tahmineh in Turan (Iran’s fiercely independent neighbor Kingdom) and ends with Rostam facing one of his most difficult challenges – his own son Sohrab!Click here to view art in book 1. Click on links to read reviews Payvand 10/05, Comic book collectors 2/11Planet Fan Boy 7/09,

Rostam: Tales From the Shahnameh Book 2

Our Second story, “Rostam: Return of the King”is a prequel to the Rostam & Sohrab story, which tells us how The King (Kai-Kavous) meets and falls in love with Princess Soodabeh in Hamavaran, and subsequently gets himself captured and thrown into a dungeon. Yet again, Rostam has to step in and defeat his country’s enemies and he manages to save the throne from being usurped by Afrasiab.

Click on links to read reviews comic book collectors 2/11, Payvand 07/07, Planet Fan Boy 7/09

Rostam: Tales From the Shahnameh Book 3

Our Third story, “Rostam: Battle with the Deevs”continues with the story immediately after Sohrab’s death in Book 1. After giving Sohrab an honorable burial, Rotsam is forced to battle his own internal demons as well as the red and ultimately the great White Deev! Rostam seeks forgiveness for his sins and ultimately finds peace by taking Siavash under his wing .

Rostam: Tales From the Shahnameh Book 4

Our Fourth story, “Rostam: Search for the King” is the final chapter in this series of four books. The story begins by chronicling the story of Zal & Rudabeh, the birth of their son Rostam and the Simurgh. It continues with Sam meeting Rostam and ends with the story of Rotsam and Zal’s joint quest to find the King to succeed Kai-Kobad (after his death at the hands of a young Afrasiab).

Rostam: Tales From the Shahnameh Book 5

Our Fifth Book, “Rostam: The Collectors’ Edition”is the Trade Paper Back version of this series of books. The story contains all four books of the series and includes a number of “in between” pages in order to transition the whole story.  This is book is currently under production, and should be completed soon.

Acclaimed American comic book artist, Karl Altstaetter, was given the task of bringing Rostam to life in the American Comic Book Genre. After a year of working to develop the right look & feel, from the characters, scenery, architecture, weaponry, to many other details, the project was finalized and the story locked. In honor of its creator, the first issue of Rostam was released in 2005 on Abol Ghasem Ferdowsi’s birthday.

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