SAVE 33% with 10 Pack: Search for the King (Book 4)


Beginning with an introduction to Saum, (Rostam’s grandfather) followed by the tale of Zal, Simurgh, and Rostam’s birth & early childhood. This prologue to all three books climaxes with Rostam and Zal’s quest to help the new King ascend onto the throne of their beloved country. Adapted from the original epic poem The Shahnameh, by Ferdowsi. This pack includes 10 issues of book 4.

Ideal giveaway for schools, cultural events, Birthday Party goodie bags and the like. Why not introduce your kids to a cultural gem for less than the price of a cheap plastic toy?


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Rostam: Tales from the Shahnameh Comic Book
wins a Golden Lioness Award from WAALM (World Academy of Arts Media & Literature) in Budapest, Hungary. Our whole team was honored to receive this award and we thank WAALM for considering our book and bestowing this honor upon us. THANK YOU!


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