Shanama Project: The chief aim of the Project is to stimulate research into the role of Firdausi’s epic in Persian history and culture, and to investigate the relationships between the text of the poem and the many miniature paintings that have been created to illustrate it.

Unique Zan Foundation: is about lending a hand and promoting compassion and social change. The UZF’s mission is to empower women in education and health initiatives, and give them the opportunities to promote peace and positive changes in their communities.

Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute: supports cultural and educational activities that bring to light the richness and diversity of Persian culture. In addition, the Institute encourages inter-cultural communication and community interaction between people of all cultures. is a reference site rich in information about Ferdowsi’s masterpiece, the Shahnameh. Created and run in Europe, this site is in English and is a useful reference site.


Hyperwerks: Entertainment is a company of young artists and writers who have joined together to create a new line of products for a variety of media. After launching a number of successful properties, their current project is Rostam.

2-CLICKS Comics: is a one-stop comic book collecting directory. It provides an online guide for collectors with a database of comics, and access to relevant comic collectible resources.

Mazda Publisers: is a California based company which excels in the area of scholarly and trade publishing specifically specializing in publications that pertain to Iran and or Persia.

Persianesque Magazine: is a Modern Iranian Online Magazine that is a connection to modern Iranian life and style. Highlighting Iran’s international artists, contributors to humanity, and all that Iran and Iranians have to offer.