Rostam: (Books 1, 2, 3 & 4) Powerful Persian hero warrior of the Shahnameh, is the sworn loyal protector (Pahlavan/Daleer) of Persia (Iran), a mythical place of beauty and adventure. Son of Zal and Roudabeh, father of Sohrab.

Raqsh: (Books 1, 2, 3 & 4) Rostam’s strong and loyal horse who will never leave his side. He can only be ridden by Rostam, the only man strong enough to tame him. He is the most powerful and beautiful horse in all the land.

Zal: (Books 1, 2, 3 & 4) Mythical hero-warrior of Iran. Born an albino and abandoned as an infant by his father, Zal was raised by Simurgh (a phoenix like creature) to be a great Pahlevan. Son of Saum, husband of Rudabeh and father of Rostam.

Afrasiab: (Books 1, 2, 3 & 4) The most prominent of all Turanian princes; he is a formidable warrior, a skillful general, and an agent of The White Deev who is endowed with magical powers of deception to destroy Iran.   

Kai-Kavous: (Books 1, 2 & 3) Son of Kai-Kobad, who was placed on the throne by Zal and Rostam after the death of the old Kai. Paranoid and at times cruel, he is afraid of Rostam’s power, questions his loyalty and is often influenced by others.

Lord of Barbarestan: (Book 2) Resentful leader of Barbarestan a remote satrapy or Minor Kingdom, within the greater Persian Empire. Fiercely proud and independent, he is always looking for an opportunity to rebel.  

Kai Kobad: (Book 4) Wise reclusive prince and son of Manuchehr who grew up in a hidden Alborz mountain palace. Brought back to face Iran’s Enemies in battle by Rostam, he defeats Afrasiab and ascends to the throne of Persia (Iran).

Kai Nozar: (Book 4) He is the son of Manuchehr and becomes the Kai of Persia  (Iran) after his father’s untimely death. His short reign of seven years comes to an end when he is killed by Afrasiab during a battle.  

Rudabeh: (Book 4) Princess of Kabul, daughter of King Mehrab Kaboli, and loving wife of Zal. Together,they have two children, Rostam and his younger sister Zohra. Rudabeh nearly dies while giving birth to Rostam.  

Saum: (Book 4) Great warrior protector of Persia (Iran), father of Zal, and grandfather of Rostam. He is the son of Nariman, and grandson of Garshasp. He was Iran’s champion during the rule of Fereydun, Manuchehr and Nozar.

Pashang: (Book 4) King of Turan and Afrasiab’s father. Bitter ruler of Iran’s greatest rival Kingdom and Satrapy to the north east, Turan. This is a Kingdom which spends much of its history battling and threatening Persia (or Iran).

Simurgh: (Book 4) Great winged creature in the shape of a bird who finds infant Zal and decides to raise him as one of her own. Strong enough to carry off an elephant, she looks like a kind of peacock with the head of a dog and the claws of a lion.

White Deev: (Book 3) AKA Deeveh Sefeed – master of darkness, creator of chaos and the advocate of evil against good. Possessing many strengths, he has an insatiable appetite for power and revenge. Afrasiab’s master and Rostam’s constant and ultimate nemesis.

Tahmineh: (Book 1) Beautiful daughter of the King of Turan. Smitten with Rostam from the first time she laid eyes on him, she becomes his lover and unbeknown to him, the mother of his son – The great Turanian warrior, Sohrab.

Sohrab: (Books 1 & 3) Champion warrior son of Rostam and Tahmineh. A natural born leader, he inherited his father’s strength and his mothers’ intelligence & good looks. As a teenager, Sohrab could beat any man in Turan & was soon leading the Turanian army.

Turaj: (Book 2) The assassin, a fierce and unbeaten warrior from unknown lands with a long list of victims in his wake. Hired by Afrasiab to terminate Rostam. Turaj will test his strength against Rostam and his legend. 

The King of Hamavaran: (Book 2) Tucked away in the hidden valleys of the steep mountainous North Eastern mountains, Hamavaran is a lesser kingdom or satrapy within greater Iran. The King of Hamavaran is the adoring father of the beautiful Soodabeh.

Soodabeh: (Books 2 & 3) The daughter of the King of Hamavaran, Soodabeh is as smart and wise as she is beautiful. Certainly the right kind of woman to sit at the side of the King of Iran! Fiercely jealous of all who come into contact with the Kai, and a force to be reckoned with.

Siavash: (Book 3) The young gallant prince, son of Kai Kavous and a maiden of the court. A great warrior and heir to the Persian (Iranian) throne. Kind and well loved by all, he is perceived as a threat to the plans of Soodabeh and Afrasiab, who ultimately plan his downfall.

Red Deev: (Book 3) Commissioned by the great White Deev (Deev-eh Sefeed) to kill Rostam, he is the meanest opponent Rostam has ever faced. The Red Deev seeks out and ultimately finds Rostam – where they “battle to the death.”

Princess Gurdafarid: (Book 1) Daughter of the King of the White Castle – Gazdaham, Brave trained warrior who does not get respect she deserves for her battle skills, because she is a woman. She tests Sohrab’s skills while bravely defending her father’s castle.

Zombie Army: (Book 3) Summoned into action by the White Deev in his relentless quest to take over the throne by defeating Iran’s protector. Fierce warriors who put up a good fight, they are however, no match to our Hero Rostam.

Green Dragon: (Book 3) Appearing in a dream sequence while Rostam is in a deep depression over the death of his son, the Dragon is a character from one of the seven trials (Haft Khan) that Rostam must overcome during his youth.

King of Samangan: (Book 1) Proud father of Tahmineh, and strong ruler of the Turanian city. Helps Rostam recover his horse Raqsh after he was stolen by bandits. Proud and independent minded king of a land that is constantly battling with Iran.

Da-ee Jan: (Book 1) Sohrab’s Uncle and Tahmineh’s Loyal and protective older brother.Da-ee plays a pivotal role in training Sohrab to evolve into the great warrior he becomes.